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In rural communities where at risk and disadvantaged populations live, Critical Access Hospitals face significant challenges in providing specialized cancer care: 

  • Recruiting and retaining staff oncologists
  • Transporting providers to and from treatment facilities for recurring appointments
  • Keeping facilities viable with limited revenue sources

Meanwhile, patients requiring ongoing cancer treatment, struggle to access the services they need.

Telemedicine is an ideal solution for improving patient access to specialty healthcare, while reducing costs to healthcare systems

Revolutionize Community Cancer Care, Increase Revenues, Reduce Costs 

OncoPower CAH Service is an all-in-one solution that enables Critical Access Hospitals to provide quality cancer care to their communities.  With OncoPower, Critical Access Hospitals get a panel of board-certified medical oncologists/haematologists, oncology EMR, telemedicine and remote patient monitoring suites all in one contract. 

Tele-Oncology & Remote Patient Monitoring

Our board certified, state licensed OncoPower panel oncologists will provide your identified patients the care they need via e-visits and remote patient monitoring using our platform.

Integrated Oncology EMR

The seamless integration between OncoPower and your current EMR will facilitate accurate and efficient documentation of e-visits and in-patient services.   

Acquire new patients and keep them connected to care

Gain more patients from the community with our digital patient acquisition tool. New and established patients will continue to access ongoing imaging, labs, infusions, monitoring and other in-patient services in house.

With our Ask-A-Doc feature, residents in the community can have their health related questions answered on-demand.  Where needed, new patients will be referred for in-office assessments and diagnostic services. 

Patients may explore and join local online forums of their choice, where they can share experiences with each other and feel supported on their individual cancer journey.

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