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Ask-A-Doc - Patient

What is Ask-A-Doc?
Ask-A-Doc is a free feature on the OncoPower app where you can ask cancer related questions such as treatment, diagnosis, symptoms and new drugs, either to any of the board-certified local oncologists who are registered on the app, or to one of OncoPower contracted oncologists.
How do I select a doctor?

When you initiate the Ask-A-Doc feature in the OncoPower app, you will see nearby oncologists who are available to accept and respond to questions. You can expand your search to find your own oncologist, or any other oncologist within an adjustable radius relative to your location (e.g. 5, 10, 15... 50 miles etc.). Among the options, you will find OncoPower panel oncologists, who are contracted by us to provide this service. You can either select one of the OncoPower panel physicians, or any other physician in your area whose profile indicates that they are available to respond to questions.

Can I view an oncologist’s profile before submitting questions?

Yes. You can search for Ask-A-Doc physicians' profiles by putting their names in the search bar under "network" to view their qualifications, credentials, and hospital affiliations.

What if my oncologist is not listed on Ask-a-Doc?

If your primary treating oncologist is not displayed among the available doctors, you can invite them to join OncoPower, or you may submit your questions to any of the available oncologists listed on the app. You can always use Ask-A-Doc to reach one of OncoPower contracted oncologists.

Can I ask questions about specific treatment for my cancer?
It depends on the oncologist who is responding to you. Depending on how much information you provide in your profile and the nature of your questions, oncologists may provide answers that are very helpful. Some may need a new patient-physician relationship documentation, in order to provide you with the appropriate follow-up as needed. All necessary documentation would be requested to facilitate this. Unless you are corresponding with your own oncologist, doctors will not have specific information about you or your current treatment. They will provide general answers which are not to be taken as medical advice.
Can the Ask-A-Doc feature be used to get a referral?

Yes. All the oncologists who use the Ask-A-Doc feature, including our own OncoPower panel physicians, can provide referrals to other oncologists in your area, suitable for your specific diagnosis or concern.

Is my personal information and privacy protected?

OncoPower is a secure, HIPAA compliant platform designed by oncologists and technology experts who take extraordinary care to ensure data integrity and the protection of patients' personal identifiable information. Your personal health information is not seen by others unless you have opted to make your profile public or connected to a physician. We recommend you select a Display Name under Edit Profile section and use it at all times.

Why do I need to select a Display Name in my Profile?
Ask-A-Doc responses are not medical advices. Ask-A-Doc responses may be made public by the responding oncologist. Further other users connected to you will have access to see your name. By selecting a Display Name, you remain anonymous.
Why do I need to complete a profile before using the physician services?

The information you provide in your profile allows the responding physician to have a better idea about your health. Knowing your social and family history as well as any other comorbid health conditions you might have, such as hypertension, diabetes etc. allows the doctor to make an informed assessment. The Ask-A-Doc responses are not meant to replace your personal physician advice.

Can I request the doctor to respond privately with Ask-A-Doc tool?

Ask-A-Doc responses are meant for the whole patient community. However you can request the doctor to respond privately so only you can view it in your private dashboard.