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Monitoring + Clinical Pathways for Patients

Monitoring Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs); treatment adherence, symptomatology, and vitals allows for early responsiveness and prevention of adverse events, fewer emergency department visits and hospitalizations, and improves your patients' ability to tolerate continuation of treatment that would reduce care plan discontinuations and expensive alternatives.

OncoPower incentivizes patients for medication adherence and reporting PROs, and engages physicians with robust clinical pathways for treatment and a community for top quality decision making.

Revolutionize Patient Care with Timely Education on Treatment Options

Taxpayers and patients spent >$500 million in 3 years on a cancer drug olaratumab that ultimately failed. OncoPower wants to change that with patient and physician centered tools that increase awareness of low-cost practices and mitigate the financial toxicity of cancer treatments that offer no clinical benefit.

Our tool offers data-driven patient education on high-impact interventions prior to care plan decisions. It facilitates patient and provider engagement regarding the real value of treatments and thoroughly assesses alternative options. Our contract physicians empower patients using clinical pathways for their treatment, a modality that facilitates consideration of all evidence-based options.

Machine Learning & AI

Leveraging machine learning & AI to provide patients with clear plans and evidence-based treatment options improves value in care delivered. 

Evidence-Based Clinical Pathways

There is a high variation of choices available to physicians in how best to treat patients. Adopting evidence-based clinical pathways helps align patient care and reduce unnecessary variation. Educating patients about the clinical pathways open to them and involving them in clinical decision making helps reduce variability and unwanted costs and also drives a level of buy-in to the treatment plan that is necessary when battling cancer.

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