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Ask-A-Doc - Physician

What is Ask-A-Doc?

Ask-A-Doc is your personal brand building, patient engagement, acquisition and referral tool.  Patients use Ask-A-Doc to submit general health related questions affecting them, directly to oncologists in their area who indicate that they are available for responding.  Ask-A-Doc can also be used either as a proactive service to acquire new patients, or to engage with current patients in between their regular appointments to address any important concerns that may arise. 

Do Ask-A-Doc interactions with a potential new patient constitute a patient-provider relationship?

No. Interactions with potential new patients on Ask-A-Doc relate to general cancer related questions and no personal medical advice is rendered. Before submitting their first question to an oncologist, patients are prompted to read and agree to an explicit disclaimer indicating that they understand that responses received on Ask-A-Doc are not to be taken as medical advice. If, however, based on the nature of the question(s) submitted by the patient, you believe the patient requires a consult, you must establish an official patient-physician relationship.The patient can be onboarded to OncKlinic where, after the required documentation is reviewed and submitted, you can provide telehealth consultation.

Do I get paid for enrolling in Ask-a-Doc?

No. Ask-A-Doc is a personal brand building patient engagement, acquisition and referral tool. Ask-A-Doc is a free tool for you to use either to connect with patients in your area by responding to their questions, or for maintaining contact with existing patients who may need to be monitored between office visits. There is no reimbursement for responding to questions that come from patients in your area. You can opt not to use it or decline a request for any reason. Be aware other doctors in your area may be using the app to engage patients who may want to be seen for second opinions or who are looking for a new oncologist. 

Can I use my nurse practitioner to respond on my behalf?

Yes. You can add other care members to your team and they can respond to patient questions by logging into your account. 

How will patients find my profile in Ask-A-Doc?

Ask-A-Doc provides both geo-location and search-based capabilities for patients to select physicians to interact with. Patients can see providers within an adjustable radius (5, 10, 20, 50 miles) from their location as detected by their app or search by name to select a physician for engagement.

Can I turn the Ask-A-Doc feature on and off for current and new patients independently?

Yes. You can selectively activate the feature for potential new patients or for current patients or both. You can even selectively turn on for a specific patient (eg. patients initiating a new treatment or who have just had an infusion or surgery). You can use the setting option in your Ask-A-Doc dashboard to turn the feature on or off.

Can I turn the Ask-A-Doc feature on and off for out of state patients?

Yes. You can selectively turn off the feature for out of state patients.

Can patients schedule appointments using Ask-A-Doc?
Yes. Patients to whom you are responding can use the Ask-a-Doc tool to schedule e-visits or in-office visits once you enable your calendar on the platform.  Otherwise, you can direct them to contact your practice scheduler. 
Can I refer a patient who submits questions to me using Ask-a-Doc to another physician well suited to treat patients?

Yes. Ask-A-Doc is a patient engagement, acquisition and referral tool. If you interact with a patient who may be better served seeing another doctor, you can review their profile in OncoPower and make referral recommendations to the patient. If a doctor is not registered on OncoPower, you can invite them to join the platform.

What do I need to do to get Ask-A-Doc enabled?

Our credentialing requires a proof of profession.

  • If you are a US physician and have a Doximity account, just log in using your Doximity account, your account is activated immediately and your profile will be seen by patients in your area. If you don’t have a Doximity account, we need you upload DL and enter NPI number. If you are non-US physician, we need you to upload copies of passport or drivers license and medical license documents. We activate non-Doximity accounts within 24 hours of uploading credentialing documents.
Can I publish my Ask-A-Doc responses to feeds ?

Yes, you have the option to respond in private mode just to patient’s dashboard or publish into feeds where all patients and oncologists can see. You are in control of how to use Ask-A-Doc tool at all times.