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    On demand care for patients in active cancer treatment and cancer survivors.
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NEW: Reimbursable COVID-19 symptom monitoring suite now available.

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Why OncoPower?

Ease the burden of oncology care.  Provide on-demand telehealth services without administrative hassles, and practice medicine the way you always wanted to. 
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Grow your practice and provide the best patient care on your own schedule.

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Ask-A-Doc serves as a patient acquisition tool and will help patients in your area find you and your practice more easily. On Ask-A-Doc, patients can ask for your professional inputs about their current treatment regimens, specific medications or other health-related concerns, on-demand. Your professional opinions* will not only help patients understand their diagnosis and treatment, but could be valuable for initiating patient-physician relationships when patients are seeking a second opinion or a new oncologist.

*Your responses will not constitute a formal patient-physician relationship. Patients will have acknowledged that the responses shared on Ask-A-Doc are not to be taken as specific medical advice. Your Ask-A-Doc interactions are covered under the Witty Health malpractice insurance coverage.

“OncoPower enables excellent patient care 
with the help of innovative digital tools” 

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How It Works

TeleOncology & Remote Patient Monitoring
Provide your customary care via tele-health on OncoPowerOncoPower enables e-visits and billing for E&M codes that pay providers the same rates as in-office visits.
OncoPower also facilitates remote patient monitoring services that are reimbursable by CMS. 
Symptom Monitoring
OncoPower has an integrated symptom monitoring suite.  We provide OncoPower members with FDA approved Bluetooth pairable devices (i.e. thermometers, weighing scales and blood pressure cuffs) that record and report key health parameters, including for COVID-19. (Learn more about KovidPower)
Patient Referrals
Receive patient referrals for in-office visits from our community of OncoPower members.  When members receive your name as an OncoPower panel recommended provider, they know they are getting a high-quality referral.
Billing services
Depending on your selected service plan , we can handle the documentation needed to bill for each of the applicable services you provide on the OncoPower platform. 

Service Plans

OncoPower features are available at different levels of service to suit your practice needs.

OncoPower SuperOnc Practitioner

Become an OncoPower SuperOnc Practitioner and get access to a full range of benefits:

  • Tele-health services 
  • Remote patient monitoring 
  • Full reimbursement billing services
  • Unlimited peer consultations 
  • Professional networking 
  • Access to our proprietary drug lookup database
  • Customizable patient education tools

OncoPower Smart Practitioner

Become an OncoPower Smart Practitioner and get access to: 

  • Tele-health services
  • Remote patient monitoring
  • On-demand reports to manage your own billing
  • Unlimited peer consultations 
  • Professional networking 
  • Access to our proprietary drug lookup database
  • Customizable patient education tools

OncoPower Premium Practitioner

Become an OncoPower Office Practitioner and expand your practice with the following benefits:

  • Patient referrals from our panel oncologists for in-office visits only
  • Unlimited peer consultations 
  • Professional networking
  • Access to our proprietary drug lookup database
  • Patient education library

OncoPower enables direct oncologist to patient tele-health consultations, facilitates interactive peer communication and provides access to the latest in real world data.

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Point Of Care Resources

Drug Lookup

Curated Data
Access our proprietary database of medications to quickly review easy to understand clinical data, cardiotoxicity, insulin resistance and prescribing information of all cancer medications in just a few clicks.
Peer Learning
Learn from your OncoPower network through case studies and drug-specific expert videos that are updated daily.
Expert Prescriptions
Reach out to drug-specific expert panels to get your questions about a specific medication answered so that you can make prescribing decisions with top input.

Customizable patient education tools 

Visual Learning
Access over 150 easy to understand patient education videos and customize with your own name to push personalized information to your patients. Customized videos allow your practice to truly hand-hold the patient through their treatment journey.
Community Building
Let all of your patients form a local network and support group. Identify patient dissatisfaction early and reduce patient losses. This builds a community of learning and support for your patients and drives a patient centered approach.
Patient Experience
Having this information clearly presented and accessible anytime, via any device, helps ensure treatment success and mitigate frustrated patients calling the office for simple questions. Use OncoPower today to deliver best-in-class care as well as create a seamless patient experience.

Medical Malpractice 

All services provided by you on the OncoPower platform are covered under a separate malpractice policy,  ensuring that you have insurance coverage for tele-health practices at no additional expense.

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