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Why OncoPower?

OncoPower builds a stronger connection for patients to their oncology team. Patients can report treatment-related symptoms in real time and oncologists are able to remotely monitor these symptoms for early identification of any issues. The ability to intervene earlier leads to consistent care and better quality outcomes.

With access to a suite of advanced telehealth and treatment decision-making tools, physicians can ensure that they are providing the highest quality care directly to patients where they need it most, in their everyday lives.

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How It Works

Getting Started

Getting Started

Please sign up and complete your profile with as much details as possible. Then use our Ask-A -Doc tool to send a request to an oncologist in your area. That will allow your local oncologist to provide personalized recommendations specific to your diagnosis and treatment plan. 

If a local oncologist is not available on OncoPower, one of our contracted oncologists will provide your care plan recommendations while we invite and sign up oncologists in your zip code area. If you need a specific oncologist in your area, the doctor can be invited right inside the app using invite feature in the network tab or via contacting us with an email request to support@oncopower.org.  We will reach out to the desired oncologist, sign up and provide you care plan recommendation.
Medical Records

Medical Records

OncoPower takes your privacy and security very seriously and follows all HIPAA laws. Following a written patient consent, your medical team can access your medical records to provide the best care.  

Patient Assistance
OncoPower works with many firms to bring you patient assistance. If you are newly diagnosed cancer patient and choose to work with suggested providers, you may qualify for patient assistance upfront. Use our Ask-A-Doc to explore if you qualify.

OncoPower enables direct patient to oncologist consultation and communication

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Patients can get their health related questions answered on-demand.  They can ask questions about specific treatment regimens, medications, or different approaches to managing certain types of cancer and expect to receive a response* within 48 hours.  Patients can either get answers from their own oncologist, or from an OncoPower panel oncologist

If a patient wishes to invite an oncologist to join OncoPower, they can either invite them to the platform directly by using the invitation option included in the app, or they can send an email to support@oncopower.org and we will reach out to the invited physician to facilitate them joining the network.
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* The responses provided on Ask-A-Doc are for informational purposes only and must not be taken as specific treatment advice.

OncoPower uses SmartCare Technology

SmartCare is the innovative tele health platform that runs OncoPower.  It has an integrated video calling feature that allows for real time consultations between patients and doctors.

What is SmartCare?

Smart Care runs the tele-oncology, remote monitoring and messaging features that enable the direct interactions on OncoPower.  It also hosts the local support group forums for patients and survivors looking to connect with each other.

Security and Privacy

OncoPower is HIPAA complaint and is designed to ensure that all personal health information is securely maintained. Our platform uses the Amazon Web Server security protocols.

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